AUTHOR: Laura Templeton

30 Second Success
12 Ratings


“It starts off strong with one on my personal 4 Key Principles, Examining Your WHYs and only gets better as the book goes on. Easy to read but informative, I WILL be passing this book along to my friends and Business Coaching Clients! Thank you Laura!!! It is in my “Cool Bookshelf” now.” 

-Jeremy Torisk

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Have you ever struggled at a networking event when it’s your turn to share your thirty-second message? Have you ever gotten so distracted by what to say that you aren’t able to connect well with the people in the room? Or are you just looking for tips on how to stop feeling “salesy” when it comes to your turn?

After observing numerous successful, confident business owners and professionals fumble their way through introducing themselves, Laura Templeton decided she needed to do something about it. She believes no one should ever have to struggle to express who they are and how they serve their clients, and she set out to share her 30 Second Success formula.

This book contains a step-by-step process and all the tools you’ll need to write—and share—your own thirty-second message with confidence and ease. Having this tool and other networking strategies in your toolkit will help you increase referrals, grow your business, and become the master connector you’re meant to be.