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Ted McLyman


Have you ever run into a store to buy milk and bread, only to end up spending a small fortune? Do you have a favorite store? Why do you like it? Are you overwhelmed by all your buying choices and the 24/7 assault on your senses to spend your money? Finally, are you convinced that the rules of money have changed — but no one had the courtesy to fill you in on this little secret?   

I wrote Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common-Sense to Financial Security, to help you work through these questions. This book is about you and your money and not a book about “money.” I want to help you better understand how you think and feel about money. Once you know how and why you make your money choices, you will make better money choices.  

 Why read this book and share it with others? 

  1. You’ll learn why humans are not hardwired to work well with money – your ancient brain biology evolved to keep you alive and pass on your genes, not to pay taxes or figure out how to day trade. 
  1. You’ll learn why the conventional wisdom about money is wrong – humans are emotional animals who think and not thinking animals with emotions. 
  1. You’ll learn my five easy steps to help you immediately start making better money choices and start to build wealth and financial security. 

 How is this book different from traditional books about money? 

  1. I wrote this book for everybody who spends money – regardless of your background, education, or experience with money. 
  1. I wrote this book as a fun and straightforward guide to discovering your unique Money Temperament – no technical jargon about money, finance, and economics. 
  1. I wrote this book for people who would never consider buying a book about money, personal finance, or economics – but should. 

 Why is it essential for you to discover your Money Temperament? 

  1. Your Money Temperament is how you naturally feel and think about money – it’s your default spending behavior. 
  1. Your Money Temperament is a product of your biology, money beliefs, and culture – it’s unique to you and drives your spending choices. 
  1. Your Money Temperament must align with the new rules of money – what worked a few years ago may not work for you today. 

 How will the Money Behavior SystemTM help you make better money choices?  

  1. The Money Behavior System™ is a revolutionary one-size-fits-YOU approach to better spending – focusing on spending behavior and not on activities, products, and services. 
  1. The Money Behavior System™ is a revolutionary easy to follow Behavioral Financial Wellness system – only five common-sense steps to follow.  
  1. The Money Behavior System™ is the critical front end traditional financial literacy training and education programs miss – and the reason conventional one-size-fits-all systems fail. 


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