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Dream Bold, Start Smart Review

I’ve been fortunate to work with small business owners since 2005. I started as a bookkeeper, and circumstances worked in such a way that I couldn’t combine full-time school with a full-time job, so I found five small business owners who didn’t need me the entire week – and worked with them on a part-time basis while pursuing my accounting degree. I got a chance to work with amazing leaders from various industries, experience different leadership styles and decision-making processes, and learned a ton from those experiences.

As I moved into taxation and business advisory, I served primarily small businesses and their owners. Over the last ten years, I’ve helped small business owners understand their options and numbers better, as well as focused on assisting them in building the business they dreamed of. As I’ve gone through business coaching and determined the direction of my boutique tax & accounting advisory firm, I realized that I could no longer work with startups and those early in the business due to me seeing a higher impact of my skill with more established companies and due to startup budget limitations.

At the same time, I realized that most prospective clients who came to me have already been through a rollercoaster of challenges and made many mistakes that could have been avoided, gone through anxiety, and maybe wasted time and money; or all of the above. So I found myself thinking, “If only they could start better if they could only know this….

I also wanted to write a book for some time – I wanted to share all the client stories and learning points, and as I came to this realization, filling that void for an almost-preneur or someone early into their business. I wanted to create a roadmap so that anyone with a dream to build a business around their life could do that and skip the anxiety of starting a new venture.

Dream Bold, Start Smart is a book to help you get clarity and confidence in your back office and know exactly how to handle money numbers and taxes, all in plain English (no accountant speaks here). This book will help you not only start a business better but will also allow you to ensure that you’ve covered all the essential parts of what makes it a business and set yourself up for the business you always wanted to have.

Many business owners often set the financial side of the business aside and think it will happen on its own – it won’t. But, when it comes to money numbers and taxes, don’t fake it till you make it. Face it and face it early. Learn and master this aspect of your business, and there will never be anything you cannot do.

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