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British and American citizen Malcolm Teasdale was able to take early retirement when he sold his technology company in 2013 after creating markets in over 80 countries. After traveling on business for more than 30 years to the major cities and business hubs around the world, he now travels to more unusual destinations in search of rich cultural and educational experiences. He has written several books and magazine articles about business and adventure travel, with an emphasis on real-life experiences, local cultures, education, and humor.

His public speaking engagements around the world focus on entrepreneurship, adventure travel, destinations, and foreign cultures. He also hosts the Travel Addict Podcast Show and has made many guest appearances on business and travel shows worldwide.

Malcolm currently lives in Florida and has also lived in England, Wales, Canada, and Singapore. A traveler to 112 countries, you will love his factual stories from all corners of the planet, with a laugh or two along the way. You will even be adding destinations to your own “Bucket List.” The adventure continues. Education, Fulfillment, Wonder.



Lately I find that a book has to be really terrific to hold my interest or I move on & start another. This was a book that I stayed with from start to finish. It was very descriptive and put you there with him in the Himalayas. At the end of each chapter he included photos of the areas and that added to the book quite a bit. I also thought it was quite wonderful what he tackled at the age of 50. I read several passages to my family over the phone & they enjoyed it; it was that good.



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