Deniz Kayadelen

Deniz Kayadelen is a business psychologist, management consultant, and extreme swimmer with many national and international awards. She swam from Robben Island to Cape Town in 12 degrees of extremely cold water infested with great white sharks, and she crossed the English and North Channels with her relay team. She is the record holder of a 200m butterfly in her age category in Turkey, and she has placed in the top ten in the world in 5km and 10km open water races. In her professional life, she specializes in change management and talent management, supporting large companies and professionals in their transformation processes. Deniz is also a motivational speaker who helps people grow out of their comfort zones. Deniz worked and lived in Turkey, the UK, South Africa, and Germany. She is also an author of Out Of Comfort Zone. Click here to hear from Deniz Kayadelen.

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