Tatiana Tsoir

Tatiana Tsoir is a visionary accountant. Over the years she not only has been through the same challenges new or aspiring business owners/side hustlers/ dreamers go through, like how much to charge your customers, how to plan cash, and how to navigate working on (not in) your business. She also helped hundreds of business owners do the same: get comfortable with all things money, numbers, and taxes and gain clarity and confidence in your business. She is the author of Dream Bold, Start Smart.

Let’s be honest, without money, numbers, and tax matters you have a hobby, not a business. Tatiana Tsoir is a numbers expert who helps entrepreneurs and business owners become the boss of their bottom line through her firm, Linza Advisors. Additionally, as the host of the popular podcast Talk to Tatiana, she reaches national and international audiences with her virtual pieces of training, talks, and writing about the simple, actionable steps for knowing your numbers, getting taxes under control, and reducing money anxiety. Click here to hear more from Tatiana Tsoir.

Connect with Tatiana:

Website: https://www.tatianatsoir.com/dreambold

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatiana-tsoir/

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