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My battle cry … “Powerful writing changes lives!” It can change yours, too! Powerful writing is the lifeblood of successful organizations, it tips the balance between success and failure, and catapults careers.

The secret … persuade readers to your point of view. How? First, strategize your message then hone it, making each word count. Result … you will leverage every second of the reader’s time to your advantage. Learn to do precisely that with “Write to Influence!”

The book has won 11 national-level awards (including three in the 2022 Goody Business Book Awards) in categories that include: marketing/advertising, public relations, career success, and education/training.

Moreover, Book Authority lauded “Write to Influence!” as one of the “20 Best Web Marketing Books of All Time” AND recognized the book as “The Best Grant Writing Books of 2023” … citing it as #1 for Intermediate and Advanced Grant Writers (pssst … It’s also great for beginners!

Throughout my career – 30 years in the Air Force and 15 with a federal agency – I authored products sent to the White House, Congress, generals, and ambassadors. I composed hundreds of personnel appraisals, award nominations, budget justifications, talking points, and executive memoranda … that got readers to sit up, take notice, and deliver desired results.

THE pivotal moment … As a lieutenant colonel, I took command of a 480-person squadron, then, the most losing unit in statewide, professional awards.

THE pivotal moment … As a lieutenant colonel, I took command of a 480-person squadron, then, the most losing unit in statewide, professional awards

  • Problem: Career advancement for deserving men and women was impeded. Why? Supervisors were unable to compose winning nominations. Poor writing obscured stellar accomplishments.
  • Solution: I developed my unique writing methodology … and taught my troops to write!
  • Result: In scant time, we transformed our unit into the one to beat. So popular was my approach, I instructed thousands of people for the next 15 years.

I still empower others to gain that critical edge and seize fleeting opportunities with my workshops, webinars, private coaching, and online courses. With clear, concise, and compelling text, you can:

  • ACE your resume, cover letter, interview, post-interview thank you note
  • NAIL input to your performance review
  • FRAME a winning argument, critical to on-the-job success
  • COMPOSE gripping marketing material and web pages
  • GENERATE email that people actually read
  • GARNER support for deserving causes
  • WIN grants and contract bids

The beauty … learn this methodology once and reap its benefits for a lifetime!

Testimonial: Colonel Bass, I was an airman in your squadron. Because you taught me to write, I was selected for Officer Training School, recently retired as a lieutenant colonel, and am now vice president of a defense contracting company. Thank you!”



Write to Influence! is a gem! It’s also a powerful tool for individuals wanting to get ahead … in all kinds of business and real-world scenarios where standout writing means the difference between success and failure.

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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