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Suzanne F. Stevens is the unstoppable force behind YouMeWe Social Impact Group Inc. Since 2000, Suzanne has been invigorating audiences on five continents, catalyzing a ripple effect in conscious leadership practices, value-aligned business development, and social impact strategies.

She’s not just a speaker; she’s a globetrotter who’s lived and traveled to over 60 countries providing scholarships, empowering entrepreneurs, and amplifying Conscious Leaders voices.

In her mid-40s, Suzanne and her husband sold everything they owned and backpacked through Africa for two years, amplifying the voices of Conscious Leaders in 17 countries for the YouMeWe Amplified Podcast. Now, she interviews Conscious Leaders from around the world to further promote creating sustainable social solutions.

Suzanne, a certified speaker professional (CSP), takes the stage like a force of nature, radiating an infectious blend of passion, wisdom, and charisma. Her magnetic presence commands attention and ignites an unstoppable surge of inspiration in the heads and hearts of her clients, leaving audiences forever transformed.

Suzanne shares her evolution from the ‘me’ economy to catapult a WE culture through her humorous missteps, transformational realizations, and authentic breakthroughs, ushering in a new era of interconnectedness, communal well-being, and collective growth.

Her content is research-based, interactive, incredibly relevant, and timely. She brings all these insights and inspiration into her book, Make your contribution Count, for you, me, we, as a conscious leadership coach, a community builder, and a multi-award winning Impactpreneur!

Suzanne’s mission is clear: to grow conscious leaders, their businesses, and social impact—sustainably! Suzanne has worked with hundreds of clients from finance, media, manufacturing, engineering, franchising, facility management, non-profits, association and event management, and various social enterprises.

Suzanne personifies conviction in motion. She is committed to elevating underserved women through the YouMeWe Foundation, providing scholarships for post-graduate education in Africa, and amplifying the voices of Conscious Leaders who are creating a culture of ‘WE’ internationally.

With Suzanne committed to the cause, conscious leaders are poised to make an unprecedented ripple effect in the workplace and the world.



“Suzanne F. Stevens takes the reader on an inspiring global journey where she shares strategies on how to activate your purpose, harness your mission, and lead at home or abroad a social, economic, and environmental initiative.  A message for anyone who wants to impact society consciously and sustainably.”

Aaron Hurst, Co-Founder & CEO of Imperative, Author of the Purpose Economy and Founder of Taproot Foundation


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