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Before Wayne Titus founded AMDG Financial and AMDG Business Advisory Services in 2002, he spent fifteen years at two large accounting firms, working with Fortune 50 clients. He dove into entrepreneurship to make a bigger impact on people’s lives. Titus is a fee-only fiduciary adviser, meaning he owes loyalty to his clients and places their interests ahead of his own or those of his firms. With assets of more than $150 million, AMDG Financial integrates tax, financial and investment strategies to help clients make financial and life transitions successful on purpose. The company’s credo is, “From financial wisdom, better stewardship.”


The Entrepreneur’s Guide


“Entrepreneur’s have vision and purpose, but often no experience on what it actually takes to sustain wealth once they reach financial success. Wayne’s book offers helpful advice on how to plan for your future, take advantage of the present, and take care of your family on the way. Great read”



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