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Janel Dyan, founder and CEO of Janel Dyan, is an executive leadership brand strategist, speaker and author of Story. Style. Brand.: Why Corporate Results Are a Matter of Personal Style. She is an expert on why your personal story is the critical differentiator to your leadership style and brand success.

Capitalizing on our human behavior and the universal “snap decisions” we unconsciously make, Janel developed her JD METHODOLOGY ™ , a proven method that provides corporations and individuals the ability to establish a brand that begins with trust and gives us the ability to control the conversation by asking “what story do I want to tell?”

Janel is a featured contributor in Forbes, Business Insider, Parade, Martha Stewart and CEO World, guest teacher on the $100 MBA Show, appeared on numerous top 5% business/leadership podcasts as well as local affiliate broadcast networks across the country. A few of her topics recently covered center around: why our greatest leaders are master storytellers, how an authentic leadership style can establish a strong corporate culture and why putting purpose above profit leads to long-term success.

An advisor to leaders at companies like Salesforce, Ford Motor Company, Zoetis and LinkedIn, her work has been seen by millions through public experiences at Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forums, among others.


Story. Style. Brand.


“Brand is storytelling and the emotional component that subliminally engages a customer, an employee, a partner, or a collaborator is core to the human condition. This is a powerful approach to strategically leveraging what is natural. Excellent read and powerful advice!”



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