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Laura Beauparlant is the founder of Lab Creative, the author of Brand Chemistry, and the creator of Brand Camp. She is also an award-winning international speaker.
An entrepreneur for the past 18 years, Laura leverages her creativity, experience, and unique process to help ambitious, growth-minded entrepreneurs understand – and embrace – their magic. The results are aligned brands that stand out from the crowd, magnetize the right clients and produce explosive results.



If there’s one book that all small business owners and entrepreneurs should read this year, it’s definitely Brand Chemistry. In this book, Laura Beauparlant walks the reader through each step of her formula for creating an unforgettable brand. The reader benefits from her years of experience as an entrepreneur and designer, so they are able to do the reflection and work to pinpoint what makes their company and brand stand out in today’s busy marketplace. This book will inspire, motivate, and guide anyone who is either creating or re-imagining their company’s place in the world.”

Céline Williams, CEO and Chief Strategist, revisionary


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