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Annie Mayfield is a 3x Published Author, Podcast Host, Communicator, Tech sales, and Fitness Enthusiast. She has always been a very hard-working, self-driven, and enthusiastic person. This served her well in my years as a student-athlete at Wofford College. Throughout her years in college, she fell in love with health and wellness, pursuing an opportunity where I could coach other people into becoming the healthiest version of themselves physically and financially. She currently coaches clients in over four countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. At 21 years old she kickstarted her career in personal development by publishing three books. One of her books was an Amazon #1 New Release bestseller in the spirituality category.


Dear, Beautiful Me


“Absolutely amazing!! Annie’s spirit is so beautifully captivated through her writings! Some of the best tips are at the end of each chapter to help you incorporate these tips into your daily life. So relatable, so real, and SO motivating! Perfect for your Rachel and Dave Hollis listener, and any other self-development junkie!



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