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This was not supposed to be a book. It was supposed to be a simple resource page on a Google Doc with easy-to-follow steps for anyone who wanted to become a freelancer online. I needed the resource page to easily share tips with many who reached out to me with questions on how to become successful online freelancers.

It had occurred to me that most asked almost the same questions. Instead of repeating myself repeatedly, I figured I could create a page with detailed answers for the frequently asked questions and direct anyone seeking my help there. That way, I would save time and give them a little more comprehensive guide.

However, soon after I began writing, I realized there was a lot I needed to share and explain for the document to make sense and therefore be useful. It got longer and longer. At some point, I thought to myself, ‘why not just turn it into a book?’

This book gives you a strong foundation to embark on the freelancing journey. By reading it you stand to learn from the lessons, insights, and even mistakes I have accumulated over seven years.

In part, it tells my story of transformation from being a security guard earning about $150 a month to becoming a top-rated copywriter earning $50 a month. I have organized everything into 10 easy-to-follow steps.


10 Steps to Freelancing Online


“It’s rare to find a book about freelancing that doesn’t make ludicrous promises about success or try to convince you that there’s only one way to do everything. This book sticks to reality, providing an honest, useful and above all usable approach, backed by personal experience and stories of both success and failure. Not only an outstanding resource but an enjoyable read, free from condescending attitudes and true to the author’s desire to help people from all walks of life get started simply, smoothly and on a solid foundation. Excellent!

Kindle Customer


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