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Cori Wamsley, CEO of Aurora Corialis Publishing, works with business owners who have a transformational stories to share. She helps them easily write and publish a book for their brand that helps them create a legacy and be seen as an expert while building a relationship with the reader.

Cori’s process helps them avoid the stress of not knowing what to write, writing for the wrong audience, or telling stories that don’t click with the reader, while trying to figure out the whole publishing process and run their business or nonprofit at the same time. She helps her clients get started on the path to a bigger presence, unshakeable confidence in their authority, a streamlined approach to getting their brand in front of ideal clients, and a massive feather in their cap that gets them booked with media and speaking more often.

Cori’s bestselling book The SPARK Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast and her unique publishing programs empower business owners to get their message heard.

Many of the books that Cori has helped publish benefit nonprofits, including Alina’s Light, KindLeigh, The Backpack Program, and Young Adult Survivors United. Cori believes that books are a gift that can give beyond words and is proud to work with authors who want to benefit others with their writing efforts.

In the six years that Cori has owned her own business, she has helped over 150 people become authors, many of whom have published books through Aurora Corialis Publishing, which launched in the spring of 2021 from her early efforts as a book editor and coach.

Cori and her clients have been interviewed for a variety of podcasts, TV shows, and publications, including Dr. Phil; The TODAY Show; Tampa, Florida News 9; JET 24 (; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; The New York Telegraph; Medium; Thrive Global; and more.

Cori has 18 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, including 10 years with the Departments of Energy and Justice and four years as the executive editor of Inspiring Lives Magazine. She also wrote eight fiction books, including the children’s book Monkey Mermaid Magic, which she co-authored with her daughter London and also illustrated. She contributed chapters to the anthologies Twenty Won and Living Kindly. Her newest book, Braving the Shore, was published in June of 2022. Cori has been a contributor to multiple publications, including Brainz Magazine.

Cori holds a master’s and bachelor’s in English literature and a bachelor’s in biology from West Virginia University. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pa., with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not helping others write and publish their books, she’s working on her next novel.



This was a well thought out, practical guide for writing a book to boost/ support your business and getting out of your own head to get it done FAST. Cori’s SPARK method is a simple process that helps to bridge the knowledge gap and aid the reader in moving from simply “contemplating a book” to actually initiating the process of completing that book!



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