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Eric D. Brotman

Eric D. Brotman, CFP™, AEP, CPWA is a financial advisor, wealth manager, mentor, and host of the podcast Don’t Retire…Graduate! As CEO of BFG Financial Advisors, he has been advising his clients on investing, risk management, retirement, and financial planning for over 25 years.

Eric believes that financial literacy is the key to well-being and is on a mission to help families and professionals achieve financial freedom. As part of his mission, he has served as an adjunct faculty member at Stevenson University, teaching the Certified Financial Planner curriculum to graduate students. In addition, he is serving on the Board of Trustees for the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System as an appointee of Governor Larry Hogan and he has testified before the Maryland Senate in favor of financial literacy education.

Eric’s approachable and actionable financial advice has been featured on Baltimore WBAL’s 11 News Sunday Morning, The Wall Street Journal,, Yahoo! Finance, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal, Investment Advisor, Fidelity Investor’s Weekly, and numerous other publications. His podcast, Don’t Retire…Graduate!, is dedicated to inspiring individuals to advance into retirement seamlessly. Click Here to listen to Eric D. Brotman.


Don't Retire... Graduate!


“A lot of great info. Whew! I just graduated from Retire U… well laid out, loads of info. A thoughtful way to put all of the knowledge together. Highly recommend!



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