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Paula Oleska is a bestselling author, mindset maverick and brain-optimizing expert. Powerful professionals hire Paula to upgrade their inner and outer game to achieve outstanding success.

These days, brain is a fashionable topic and many experts talk about it. And here is Paula, with her proprietary Brain Upgrade® system based on cutting edge neuroscience. Brain Upgrade is the only method that produces immediate, measurable and permanent results, solving biggest challenges in business and in life.

​Paula is a sought after international speaker and has helped over 5,000 individuals skyrocket their business and personal results. She is the author of three books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Spirit of Success, and the audio program “Your Secret Brain, Discover How A Brain Upgrade Can Give You Peace Of Mind, Joy And More Fulfillment In Your Life”.



“I feel like night and day! I have a balanced sense of self. I’m ready to shape my destiny – all things are possible, everything is open to me! I’ll know what direction to take when the time is right. The biggest shift: I used to feel that I had to make things happen in order to create the place for me. Now I feel I don’t need to create anything to be who I am. It took a big burden off of me. I was driving myself crazy: what do I need to do to create my life? Now I know that my space is secure. I don’t have to do, do, do and fix, fix, fix; judge, analyze. It’s a state of being. That’s what I’ve been trying to achieve through all of my spiritual studies”



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