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Hina Siddiqui, an Indian woman with wings, is the author of Five Non-Fiction Books, including Multidimensional Success, Design A Career You Love & Secrets of the 6-Figure Employee with Zero Stress.
If there’s one thing she could change in the world, it would be how working professionals live and do their jobs. Hina teaches and writes about creating a life vision, and personal mastery to achieve that based on the holistic Yoga Approach.
She is a lover of yoga, guitars, trees, wind, and the food that her mom cooks. When she’s not working on her passion projects, Hina spends her time reading, taking solo trips, chitchatting with strangers, and cooking for her favorite kids – her niece and nephew.




“This book is an eye opener to how one can solve situations in their life. Self improvement. Very inspiring and factual. It is a very good book to read. I really enjoyed reading.

Rosalind Severin McClean


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