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After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing life-shattering trauma at age 20, Daniel spent seven years struggling to keep the effects of these events from spilling into every aspect of his life.

Daniel initially developed Beyond Intention as a lifeline while he grappled with suicidal thoughts and ideation. This simple, four-step process transformed his life from misery to celebration. Daniel realized he could help others do the same, and thus Beyond Intention was born.

Daniel discovered a path to lasting joy and purpose in his life, and he wants nothing more than to share the tools that saved his life. To that end, he lives by this mission statement:

“Spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their Unique Role already encoded within. This deep and often ignored or undervalued passion is defined as their Dream.”

Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy globally through public speaking, workshops, books he has authored, blogging and his “Do it With Dan” podcast series. In addition, Daniel offers individual and group coaching and consultations.

Daniel is also a voracious reader, publicly documenting his challenge to read a book every week. He loves to travel, writes and performs as a singer-songwriter, practices Kundalini yoga, and meditation and stays active with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, as well as an ambassador for the Mangena Foundation. He works with several charities across the globe and considers himself a patron of many.


Money Game


“This book provides insight into the factors that complicate our connection to and relationship with money, and offers a fun, creative way to relax and release our “money blocks” and increase the speed, ease, and grace with which money comes to us!

Mystic Nomad


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